Image of two men posing with guitars. onstage in front of a red and orange neon lightning bolt sign. QLD Band Regurgitator,   ···  
live performance group of people signing, one on trumpet one on the microphone on the ground.   ···  
man with long hair in marijuana paraphernalia headbanging. The Bennies.   ···  
man playing the guitar, head banging. orange and yellow tones.   ···  
close up of man screaming into a microphone. Belle Haven.   ···  
woman in a large elaborate dress with a headdress in full red, signing addressing a crowd   ···  
black and white image of a woman singing with a light ray in front of her   ···  
front view of a live music performance looking up at band with main singer central.   ···  
woman playing piano and singing, purple background   ···  
Woman posing on stage with guitar in front of lighting bolt signage and red curtain. Bec Sandridge.   ···  
Portrait of a man, with long hair, filtered colours projected on to his face   ···  
Man playing guitar front on, covered by stage mist, coloured red   ···  
upclose portrait of a man singing into a microphone   ···  
Upward shot of an aboriginal man playing the didgeridoo. Mitch Tambo   ···  
Man striking pose with a guitar on stage, outside. share the spirit festival. Dan Sultan.   ···  
woman playing the violin, on stage looking at the main performer singing.   ···  
Black and white image woman singing on stage, clothes blowing in the wind.   ···  
black and white image, an older aboriginal man playing the guitar on stage and singing. Archie Roach.   ···  
Black and white image. Close up of a man singing into a microphone, man is angry looking.   ···  
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