A man holding a Cello sitting next to a woman leaning on the piano looking at the camera.
The man sitting at a piano, playing, we are looking at him and see his reflection in the lid.   ···  
Man in pink t-shirt wearing his electric guitar standing on the edge of the water. The city is behind him.   ···  
man in a bar, leaning on the bar looking into the camera   ···  
woman with long ombre hair, leaning against a brick wall with picture frames of butterflies above her.   ···  
boy sitting on the ground looking up surrounded by musical items   ···  
black and white image, a man looking to the left, windswept hair.   ···  
four boys sitting on a staircase, two in the front, two at the back. looking at the camera.   ···  
portrait of a man holding a black Akubra hat above his head, covering his eyes. wearing a khaki shirt.   ···  
wide black and white image of a silhouetted man playing a baby grand piano, with Melbourne CBD behind him.   ···  
a man reclining very relaxed, smiling looking towards the camera   ···  
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