VIRAL: Are You The Cure? 

Community Show by ILLBIJERRI Theater & Hepatitis Victoria. 

Ally lives up in the flats. Things aren’t the best right now but she has big plans. She just wants a better life for her baby.

Ally is ready to make a life changing decision. But does she have the strength to see it through? And is her community ready to support her?

If life wasn’t complicated enough, Ally is being filmed for an explosive new documentary. One things for sure – things are about to go viral.

Show Credits

Writer Maryanne Sam

Director Kamarra Bell-Wykes

Performers Laila Thaker, Jesse Butler & Blayne Welsh

Choreographer Carly Sheppard

Set & Sound Designer Small Sound

Costume Designer Jacinta Keefe

Producer Davey Thompson

Production Coordinator Caleb Thaiday

Stage Manager Mary Quinsacara

Community Consultation Facilitators Shiralee Hood & Kamarra Bell-Wykes

Facilitation Consultation & Training Free Theatre

Rehearsal Stills: Jacinta Keefe

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